Secret Rules of Career SuccessLearn how work really works

Learn how work really works

Watch Your Language! How the way you use words affects how your boss sees you
How you use words to talk about work affects whether others will see you as competent in particular roles. It's even more influential than your actual performance and outputs. Discover your natural work language and where it fits in!
Does This Job Make My Butt Look Fat? The Job-Size Way to Happiness at Work
Work that isn't the right size for you is like wearing a collar that is two sizes too small. Figuring out how to breathe when you're being choked doesn't work as well as simply getting better fitting clothes. Learn how job sizes work and how you can find your natural work size.
Got That Sinking Feeling? How transitions from in capability sizes affects your soul
Growth in "cognitive complexity" isn't a smooth ride: it's often punctuated by terrible transitions where you feel like your only land is sinking beneath you into an endless ocean. In this class you will find out how this happens, why 2HiPo's are especially susceptible to them and how to not just survive them but use them to thrive.
The Three Most Powerful Ways of Looking at Work for Hidden High Potentials
Most career training tries to shoehorn you into four dualities, three types, two ways, or some limited number that they have copyrighted. Reality is more complex than that. Instead, I will show you the four most powerful ways of looking at work if you are underemployed, where you want a "bigger" job than you have now.
Custom Answers, Made Especially for You
When you are ready to really understand how work works for you and in your situation, you need my custom intelligence report on you. I use high-end, complex psychometrics that get to the root of who you are and how you can be successful at work. You get real insight based on the problems you have now, with solutions tailored to your natural ways of working and the situation you are now in. Get free to do what you do best!