Secret Rules of Career SuccessLearn how work really works

Learn how work really works

Assessing Current Potential

"What level do you think I'm currently at?"

It's almost a given that people ask me this if we talk long enough. It's even the question I gave years ago when I first started talking about it with someone. Knowing this answer can


The Capability of Information Processing (CIP) evaluation consists of a 30-60 minute interview with you regarding work. It will require a good deal out of you, so you should be generally ready for working. (Please reschedule for illnesses.) Difficult interviews may require a second, shorter interview, but that is rare.

Your responses will be transcribed and evaluated. Don't worry! It's extremely difficult to fake a level that you don't have, even with a script. And most people will reveal their current level of capacity when they start talking freely about work and other things that matter to them.

About a week after the interview, we will meet for two hours to discuss the results and go over implications.

For More Information

If you are interested in reading more, see the Frequently Asked Questions about Human Patterns®.

To get started right away, telephone me now at +1 (830) 267-9370 and I will provide you with more information on the Human Patterns instrument. I will provide you with a copy of my own before you start, so that you can see the in-depth information you will get about yourself.

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