Secret Rules of Career SuccessLearn how work really works

Learn how work really works

How Hidden High Potentials Get Stuck

If you want to be happy for the rest of your life, never make someone who should be working for you your boss!

  • Aren't recognized for the amount of work that they are actually doing?
  • Care passionately about work and find that this gets them into trouble?
  • Overachieve in their current jobs, outperforming everyone else?
  • Used to be an overachiever and now can't seem to succeed?
  • Keep getting the bewildering "you need an attitude adjustment" talks from their bosses?

You're playing by the wrong rules!

Career rules and ladders are written for people who fit the normal mold. They work, as long as you fit the mold, too. If you're different, they actually work against you. You may be a Hidden High Potential stuck by no fault of your own!

I call them Hidden High Potentials because they have the capacity to achieve greater things yet are unseen by those in power. They are getting stuck because they have followed rules, good for the vast majority of workers, but that don't work for them.

Learn how this happens to Hidden High Potentials and how you can get "unstuck" and on with your life!

There's no fluff in what you do. With other people, there's always a lot of fluff. With you, there isn't any.
— Mary McQueen, winner on CBC's Dragons' Den, on an earlier webinar

What You Will Learn

In the "Law of the Real Boss" webinar, I'll provide you with an overview of:

  • Why having too much horsepower for a job can hurt your career
  • How a job can turn against you, as if overnight
  • Secrets to finding work that fits, now and in the future
  • How you can get stuck in a job that is too small
  • Ways to get out of being stuck and into a job you love!

These Secret Rules for hidden high potentials are not mystical or magical, but it seems that way because they totally reframe how you see your experiences and future.

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Who Should Attend

I created this webinar for people who have hit a wall in their career progress. They do good work but it's not recognized. They feel stuck. Most of these are in their thirties or forties and work in fields that are information- and knowledge-centric.

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About Forrest Christian, the webinar leader

Author and educator E. Forrest Christian has been writing about and teaching solutions for hidden high potentials since 2003. He served as the writing consultant on the GO Society's Organization Design, Levels of Work and Human Capability, ghost-wrtiing and editing chapters from some of the world's leading consultants. A professional communicator off and on for all his career, Forrest has taught industry personnel in the US and Europe, and some of his ghost-written materials have been translated into five languages.

He even worked with Dr. Warren Kinston, a colleague of Dr. Jaques at Brunel University, in TH3EL, a Melbourne-based startup providing reflective tools for business managers. He brings many of the ideas of Dr. Kinston to expand and further explain the nature of work and life.

Forrest has been a consultant for most of his working life. Before starting the Secret Rules of Career Success, Forrest worked in software development and IT, where he has done everything from process redesign for a major outsourcer to IT security consulting (as a CISSP). He started his consulting career in college completing the EPA Toxic Chemical Release Inventory and later led environmental and safety seminars across the United States. His clients over the years have included government and industry, including State Farm, UBS, Cooper Tools, the US Army Corps of Engineers and Computer Science Corporation.

Read more about my work with Hidden High Potentials

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How This Webinar Will Work

This webinar is given through Webex and requires a computer that can playback UCF (Universal Communications Format) rich media files.

Instructions on how to join the webinar will be sent to you after you register, including your PIN for this session.

During the webinar, you will be able to ask questions through an online chat. If the class is small enough, the questions will be open for everyone else to hear. Extremely large classes will have separate chat channels so that you can chat your questions to me.

Sessions will be recorded. Recordings will be provided online to participants two days after the session.

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Please check whether you have the players installed before purchasing this class. You will need to either be able to use the VoIP, accept an incoming Skype connection, or be able to telephone an American phone number.

This webinar is given through Webex and requires a computer that can playback UCF (Universal Communications Format) rich media files.

Although it's helpful to already have been introduced to the ideas of the work levels, it is not necessary.

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